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5 Creative Ideas for Family Reunion Activities

May 30, 2019

Congratulations! You and your family have done the impossible - finding a time to gather that works for (nearly) everyone. To make this a memorable experience, you’ll want to plan a few activities that will have everyone smiling and laughing, regardless of age group. It can be difficult to find family reunion activities that work for everyone, so we’re sharing our 5 most creative ideas for family reunions.

1: Have a Park Day

Many family reunions happen in the summertime, so that is the perfect chance to take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy a park day with the family. With paved paths, green grass, and even short hiking trails, Fort Yamhill State Heritage Park near Spirit Mountain Casino is a favorite option for families. The weather is regularly above 60 degrees from May through October, with few rainy days in between! Some of our favorite park activities include:

  • Potato sack races:Grab the burlap and get ready to hop - the potato sack race is all-around fun! Split the race into age groups and have a finish line ready. If you have family members that aren’t the hip-hoppin’ type, have them become the judges of the race so they can blow the starting whistle, watch for foul-play (no elbows!), and announce who crosses the line first.
  • Water balloon fun: Because of the clean-up needed, a lot of families have ruled out water balloon activities - the plastic bits can get everywhere and harm the local environment. But, did you know you can use DIY sponge bombs instead? With only a few materials, you can mimic the effect of a water balloon without all the waste, especially because you can reuse the sponges afterward!
  • Hot potato reimagined: Remember playing hot potato as a kid? Here’s a new twist on the old-school game - rather than tossing around a potato or hacky sack, use a disposable camera with a timer on it. As soon as you set the timer, start the toss - whoever has it when the camera goes off is the one who’s out! Once the game is wrapped up, you’ll have a camera roll full of goofy pictures to print and share.

2: Movie Night In

Going out to the movies with the family isn’t as cozy as having a movie night in. Suited for indoor or outdoor fun, watching a movie the entire family will love while everyone’s snug in their favorite blankets or sleeping bags is memorable for all age groups. Select a few movies that the whole family will love (or take a poll beforehand), pack up your favorite snacks, and have a projector ready.

For an easy movie night in, check out the spaces available at Spirit Mountain Casino. Our event spaces fit any groups from 10 to 1,600 comfortably. For a movie night in, we have projectors and other A/V equipment readily available, seating for everyone, and even easy-to-order party platters complete with fruits, crackers, cheese, and other foods for snacking during the movie.

3: Campfire Story Time

It’s one thing to have a campfire with s’mores and other snacks. It’s another to have a campfire with a bunch of hilarious stories lined up for sharing. Before your family reunion, reach out to your family members and ask them to have a few stories ready; their most embarrassing (but shareable!) stories, their favorite memory of another family member, and even their proudest moment in the last year. The story options are endless, but the ones that reveal a unique personality trait or memory are truly the best ones for sharing along with the family. To take the pressure off of who shares in what order, put names in a hat or bowl and have the young ones in the family take turns drawing.

4: Road Trip Stop With Style!

Stop by Spirit Mountain for some gaming fun during a family road trip. With many conveniently located RV parks, Spirit Mountain is the perfect addition along any route! Coyote Club members can even stay overnight right in the Spirit Mountain parking lot (hookups are not available in the parking lot).

5: Water Park Excursion

There are few things as fun on a summer day as visiting a nearby water park. If you’re staying with us at Spirit Mountain Casino, we’re only a short drive away from the Evergreen Aviation Museum and Water Park. Head Northeast from Grand Ronde to experience the Tail Spin, Splashdown Harbor, Nose Dive, and other water rides at the Evergreen. With youth slides, leisure pools, and vortex pools, the water park is a fantastic option for family members of all ages.

As you begin planning your family reunion, consider Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde, OR for your stay. We have premier lodging with group discounts available, plenty of gathering spaces for rent, all the A/V equipment you could need, a new multi-outlet dining area, and so many nearby experiences for your family members to enjoy. To learn more about hosting your family reunion with us, browse through our group events brochure and request a proposal from us today. We look forward to hosting you and your family!

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