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Keno is an easy-to-learn, lottery-style casino game that balances strategy and simple luck-of-the-draw. Out of 80 numbers, a player selects up to 15 numbers on their Keno tickets, that will be drawn and places bets on. This game of numbers pays out depending on how much the player bets, if their numbers get drawn, and how many numbers are drawn out of their selected 15. You can win up to $50,000 playing Keno at Spirit Mountain Casino!


1. Select Your Numbers. Place an “X” over your number selection, or “spot”. You may choose between one to 15 spots. The more spots you choose, the more money you can win! In the spaces provided, mark how many numbers (spots) you would like to play, the amount you wish to bet (minimum is $1), and the total bet for all games.
2. Mark Number of Games. Select how many keno games you intend to play on the “NO. OF GAMES” box on your keno card.
3. Present Keno Card to a Keno Writer or Runner. Hand your keno playing card to a Spirit Mountain Casino Keno Writer or Keno Runner. Don’t forget to include your wager amount!
4. Play a multi-race Keno card (optional). Play a multi-race card so you can play other casino games or watch live Keno games on your TV while relaxing in your Spirit Mountain Lodge room!

Download our brochure to learn more about Keno at Spirit Mountain Casino.


After handing your keno card to one of our Keno Writers, watch the keno boards to see which numbers are being drawn at random. The numbers drawn will light up as they are being selected.

Once the 20 numbers are drawn, check the pay table to see if you’re a winner!  Any of our Keno Writers will help check your cards or answer any questions you may have.

The numbers and conditions registered in the game computer will be used to determine whether your numbers match the balls drawn.

Keno Writers are there for your convenience to assist in placing your bets, although we are not held responsible if tickets are presented too late for the current game. The maximum total payout on any one game is $50,000. If more than $50,000 in winners occurs in one game, all winners will be paid on a pro-rata basis. Keno cards played for 20 games or less must be cashed in within 24 hours of purchase. Keno tickets played for 21 games or more are valid for 365 days.

  • Disclaimer: The IRS requires a W2-G form to be filled on all Keno winnings of $1,500 or more. You will need to present two forms of identification: your driver’s license and social security card. Non-residents of Oregon are subject to a 30% tax to be deducted from the gross Keno winnings before payment.

If you’re not happy with your own numbers, you can have the computer pick numbers for you at random. Fill out your keno ticket with the price of the ticket, the number of spots, and write “QP” in the number field. The computer will then select the numbers for you.

  • Hot or Cold: When you can’t decide which numbers to pick, we feature hot or cold picks to help you decide! You can play combination of hot and cold numbers to increase your chances.

A combination way ticket is a Keno ticket in which the spots (numbers) selected have been grouped into a number of different ways in which the winnings combinations can be calculated.

  • Example: A ticket containing six marked spots could be grouped into three groups of two, two groups of four, and one group of six. If grouped in this manner, this Keno ticket would contain a total of seven separate wagers. All groups must interact in order to play a combined ticket.



($1 ticket minimum with $1 increments)

$1.25 for “Super 7”

$2 for “Catch All”

$2 for “Top/Bottom or Left/Right”

$3 for “Sweet Sixteen”

$5 for the “Edge”

$0.50 per game for 10 games or more (payout 50% of $1) OR 3 or more ways (payout 50% of $1)

$0.25 per way for 50 or more ways (payout 25% of $1)

$0.10 per way for 100 or more ways (payout 10% of $1)

*Max bet limit shall not exceed $1,000 per game/ticket.

*Maximum $50,000 aggregate payout per game

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