Shuttle Schedule

Our luxury motor coaches provide guests with ultimate comfort, including plush recliner seats, climate control and a restroom on-board. Shuttle service is conveniently available 7 days a week from numerous departure points in and around Portland, Salem, and Vancouver.

Round trip bus fare is now FREE 7 days a week.

Must be a Coyote Club Member (or agree to sign up when you arrive) to ride the bus. (Valid photo I.D. required to sign up for Coyote Club, membership is free) No reservations are required for shuttle service. (10 passengers are required for shuttle operation)

Shuttle service does not run on the following days: Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

Shuttle routes or schedules are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Multnomah County & Vancouver

Location Days Pick-Up Drop-Off

Downtown Portland

Portland City Center (Union Station) 800 NW 6th Ave
Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00AM Arrive 10:00AM Depart 3:15PM 5:15PM
Saturdays 8:00AM Arrive 10:30AM Depart 3:30PM 6:15PM
Sundays 9:00AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 6:35PM


*NE 8th & Kelly Bus loads on 8th Ave.
*Passengers are encouraged to use TriMet public transportation to and from this park & ride location TRIMET.ORG
Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00AM Arrive 10:15AM Depart 3:15PM 5:45PM
Saturdays 8:00AM Arrive 11:00AM Depart 3:30PM 6:00PM

NE Portland

* Gateway 99th St. and Pacific
*Passengers are encouraged to use TriMet public transportation to and from this park & ride location. TRIMET.ORG
Mondays & Wednesdays 8:30AM Arrive 10:15AM Depart 3:15PM 5:15PM
Saturdays 3:15PM Arrive 5:00PM Depart 11:00PM 1:10AM

NE Portland

Winco 1950 NE 122nd Ave
Please park in the South part of the lot across from Subway
Tuesdays 8:45AM Arrive 10:45AM Depart 3:15PM 6:15PM
Saturdays 3:00PM Arrive 5:00PM Depart 11:00PM 1:30AM
Sundays 9:00AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 6:30PM

SE Portland

Westmoreland’s Union Manor 6404 SE 23rd Ave
Saturdays 8:35AM Arrive 11:00AM Depart 3:30PM 5:30PM


Walmart 221 NE 104th Ave
Please park in Southwest corner of lot.
Tuesdays 8:25AM Arrive 10:45AM Depart 3:15PM 5:40PM
Saturdays 2:30PM Arrive 4:45PM Depart 10:30PM 12:30AM


C-TRAN 99th Street Transit Center 9700 NE 7th
Park in the far Southern part of the lot facing 94th Street.
Tuesdays 8:00AM Arrive 10:45AM Depart 3:15PM 5:20PM

Washington County

Location Days Pick-Up Drop-Off


Michael's Arts & Crafts, 4955 SW Western Ave.
Mondays 8:00AM Arrive 10:10AM Depart 2:30PM 4:30PM
Thursdays 10:00AM Arrive 12:15PM Depart 5:00PM 7:10PM
Saturdays 8:20AM Arrive 10:30AM Depart 3:30PM 5:45PM

Forest Grove

Forest Grove Senior Center 2037 Douglas Street
Mondays 8:55AM Arrive 10:10AM Depart 2:30PM 3:50PM
Thursdays 11:00AM Arrive 12:15PM Depart 5:00PM 6:20PM


NE 34th Ave & NE Veterans Dr.
*Passengers encouraged to use TriMet public transportation to and from this park & ride location. TRIMET.ORG
Mondays 8:30AM Arrive 10:10AM Depart 2:30PM 4:00PM
Thursdays 10:35AM Arrive 12:15PM Depart 5:00PM 6:40PM
Saturdays 8:45AM Arrive 10:30AM Depart 3:30PM 5:15PM

King City

15245 SW 116th Ave
Please use library parking lot
Mondays & Wednesdays 8:35AM Arrive 10:00AM Depart 3:15PM 4:25PM


Washington Square Mall * Hwy 217 & Hwy 210.
*Passengers are encouraged to use TriMet public transportation to and from this park & ride location. TRIMET.ORG
Sundays 9:25AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 6:05PM


*Bridgeport Village SW 72nd Ave & SW Bridgeport Rd
*Passengers are encouraged to use TriMet public transportation to and from this park & ride location. TRIMET.ORG
Sundays 9:40AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 5:55PM

Clackamas & Yamhill County

Location Days Pick-Up Drop-Off


BiMart 5900 Haworth Ave
Please park in North corner of lot
Mondays & Wednesdays 9:00AM Arrive 10:00AM Depart 3:15PM 4:10PM

Oregon City

End of the Trail Interpretive Center 1726 Washington St
Bus loads in 2nd aisle on the N end
Tuesdays 8:20AM Arrive 10:15AM Depart 3:15PM 5:00PM
Fridays 10:20AM Arrive 12:15PM Depart 5:00PM 6:45PM
Saturdays 3:05PM Arrive 4:45PM Depart 10:30PM 12:05AM
Sundays 9:30AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 6:10PM


Fry’s Electronics, 29400 SW Town Center Loop W.
Please park in Southeast corner of lot Next to Park Place
Thursdays 8:00AM Arrive 9:45AM Depart 3:15PM 4:50PM
Fridays 10:50AM Arrive 12:15PM Depart 5:00PM 6:20PM
Saturdays 9:25AM Arrive 11:00AM Depart 3:30PM 4:35PM

Salem Area

Location Days Pick-Up Drop-Off


Kohl's 410 Airport Rd SE
Please park on West side of the building
Tuesdays 8:30AM Arrive 10:00AM Depart 3:00PM 4:15PM


Kmart 400 NE Circle Blvd
Please park in NW corner near McGraths Fish House
Tuesdays 8:55AM Arrive 10:00AM Depart 3:00PM 3:55PM


Bi-Mart 3862 River Road North
Please park next to Cherry Ave.
Thursdays 8:55AM Arrive 9:45AM Depart 3:15PM 4:10PM
Fridays 11:20AM Arrive 12:10PM Depart 5:00PM 5:45PM

North Salem

Harbor Freight Tools 4675 Portland Rd NE
Please park near Auroria St
Tuesdays 9:15AM Arrive 10:15AM Depart 3:15PM 4:15PM


Market Street Park & Ride 3333 Market St. NE
Tuesdays 8:00AM Arrive 10:00AM Depart 3:00PM 4:45PM
Saturdays 3:50PM Arrive 4:45PM Depart 10:30PM 11:15PM
Sundays 10:20AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 5:05PM


Woodburn Memorial Transit Facility Evergreen Rd and HWY 214
Thursdays 8:25AM Arrive 9:45AM Depart 3:15PM 4:30PM
Saturdays 4:00PM Arrive 5:00PM Depart 11:00PM 12:00AM
Sundays 10:05AM Arrive 11:15AM Depart 4:30PM 5:40PM