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Sips Coffee, Tea and Wine Bar

February 27, 2019

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the casino floor or looking to relax before a show, Spirit Mountain Casino has you covered. If you’re looking to get your day started with a hot cup of coffee, warm up with a specialty tea, or relax with a nice glass of wine, head to Sips, our Coffee, Tea and Wine Bar! Located across from the Gift Shop, Sips’ selection of coffee drinks, teas, wine and more means there’s a beverage for everyone in your party! Check out our selection:



Sips may have replaced the Coyote Espresso Bar, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten rid of your favorite coffee drinks! In fact, we’ve added some great, new selections that are sure to thrill your taste buds and get you ready to take on the day. Some of our new drinks include:

Cold Brew Coffee

  • Isn’t this just coffee on ice? You certainly can enjoy our Cold Brew Coffee over ice, but this brew is a little different from your standard cup of joe. Brewing coffee with cold water removes less acid from the beans, resulting in a more flavorful brew!

Nitro Coffee

  • Another unique spin on a regular cup of coffee, nitro coffee adds nitrogen gas, resulting in a frothy, sweeter brew with no sugar needed.


If you’re looking for caffeine no matter the time of day, Sips also offers a range of teas and tea-infused beverages! Check out some of our most popular offerings below:

Chai Latte

  • Black Tea, milk, sugar, and a few other flavors give you a drink that’s sweet and refreshing. Sips also has milk substitutes like soy and almond milk to add a twist to this great drink.

London Fog

  • Earl Grey tea that has been steeped to perfection, steamed milk, some vanilla (and lavender if you like), plus your favorite sweetener make this drink perfect for chilling mornings when you want to step up your tea game.



If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing than a cup of coffee or tea, grab a stool and enjoy a glass of wine. Sips has a fantastic selection of White, Red and Rosé wines from California, Oregon, and Washington, and a couple of Italian whites as well:

Proverb – California

  • If you’re in the mood for an easy drinking, sweet White or rich, fruity Red, Sips is the place to go. Our selection of Proverb wines includes a Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, and Cabernet.

Bridgeview – Cave Junction, Oregon

  • The Blue Moon Riesling from Southern Oregon’s Bridgeview Vineyard and Winery is a lively, well-balanced white wine with flavors of ripe apples, apricot nectar, and grapefruit.  

Eola Hills – Rickreall, Oregon

  • If you’re fancying a glass of something local, Sips has Rosé, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir from Eola Hills Winery, just 25 minutes down the road in Rickreall, Oregon! The Rosé is intensely aromatic with nectarines, red currants and a hint of herbal grapes while the Pinot Gris has classic apple and pear flavors. The Pinot features a dry finish with ripe berries, cherries, and toasted oak flavors.

Hogue Cellars – Prosser, Washington

  • Sips also a couple of wines from Hogue Cellars, located a few hours east in Prosser, Washington.  Their Chardonnay has flavors of apple pie and a creamy finish, and their Cabernet is silky smooth with black cherry and toasty oak on the taste buds.

Italy: Chloe Prosecco & Cavit Moscato

  • Sips is also home to a couple of Italian whites that make for a great pre-dinner drink. The Cavit Moscato has fantastic notes of apricot, peach, and sage and pairs well with appetizers and cheeses. The Chloe Prosecco is a delicious sparkling white wine that is overflowing with fruits.

Sips has plenty of options for those under the age of 21 as well, including Italian Sodas, old fashion style and soft serve ice cream, and other desserts! Next time you’re at Spirit Mountain Casino for one of our upcoming events, make sure to stop by Sips – Coffee, Tea & Wine bar!

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